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iChat for iPhone in JavaScript

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Generously hosted by my friends at Publictivity.

Log in with your AOL IM account. No data is logged, but all of your information does pass through my server. I am not harvesting any information. This app is server intensive, so I'm limiting sessions to 10 minutes for now.

Use your mouse to flick (drag and release) your buddy list up and down like you're supposed to on the iPhone. Click a buddy to start a conversation. You can open multiple conversations... flick left/right to change conversations.

Known Issues:

  • No groups.
  • No buddy icons (Anyone have full TOC2 documentation?).
  • Opening more than 4 conversations gets unruly.
  • Built with Yahoo! UI Library, PHP and BlueTOC.

    Send your thoughts and links with your own versions to: iphone [at] davidcann.com.